Managing Director &
Licensed Conveyancer

Rose Davis established Davis and Co Property Lawyers in 2018 and at that time she had almost two decades of experience in the conveyancing field. She obtained her Law Degree in 1998 and then gained experience by working for two local firms firstly as a Conveyancing Executive and later as a Residential Conveyancer. In 2010 she completed her training to become a fully qualified Licensed Conveyancer.

In 2011 she moved to a national firm of solicitors, working as a Consultant Lawyer. Here she honed her skills and built her reputation for providing an exceptional service to her clients. She was able to build a following of clients who came back to her time after time, most of whom remain loyal to her today.  After nearly eight years with that firm, she recognised that there was still a place in the market for the smaller, independent firm offering a bespoke and personal service to clients and that’s when Davis & Co Property Lawyers was born.

Rose invested in the latest technology which would enable her clients to obtain constant updates on their transactions, to ensure that they were always up to date and this desire for effective communication at every level of the firm has always been the driving force behind her planning strategy. Therefore, when she set the firm up, she ensured that she invested in an effective case management system which has saved hours of time when compared with the traditional way of working in most law firms today.

In addition, Rose has striven for the firm to become paperless, it is paper light now, but Rose envisages that being totally free of paper is no longer a distant pipe dream and is a real possibility. Clients are contacted by email wherever possible as this is the quickest way for them to be updated throughout the process. It is a source of great pride that such was the robustness of the systems set up by Rose that when lockdown arrived in 2020, the firm was able to continue to trade with little difficulty and minimal change to their systems and minimum inconvenience to their clients. It was literally a flick of a button for the firm to become fully remote.

Rose has a passion for property and conveyancing work and is experienced in all aspects of the conveyancing transaction including sales, purchases, transfers of equity, remortgages, further advances etc. She is also a property enthusiast and avidly watches all the TV programmes about property and reads a lot of property books and magazines. Having invested in the buy to let market herself, she has become very knowledgeable about the property market in general terms.

After practising in this field for so many years she can communicate well with a range of clientele, from high-net-worth clients to first time buyers and has the ability to explain complex legal matters in plain English. She has a good sense of humour which clients appreciate at such a stressful time of their lives and is renowned for finding practical solutions to the plethora of problems that arise during the typical conveyancing transaction.

Her overriding principle is that all clients are different and have different needs and that is why she strongly believes that the tailoring of the firm’s services to each individual client is the key to their success.

Rose has acted for a broad range of clients, including property developers, business owners, first time buyers, private investors, property fund managers, building and shopping centre owners. She has also acted for educational organisations, churches and charities. She feels strongly about the inequalities in our society and has chosen The Friary, a local charity supporting the homeless, as the firm’s chosen charity for the foreseeable future.

How does Rose see herself?

Quirky and eccentric with a good sense of humour


  • Homes under the Hammer
  • Talking to clients
  • Brandy (on rare occasions and for medicinal purposes only)!


  • Failure
  • Too much paper
  • Wasting time